Delegation to the Sacred House

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Led by world class scholars with real and direct Hajj experience: 


Primary Group Leader: Mufti Abdur Rahman Ibn Yusuf Mangera

Sister’s scholar: Shaykha Umm Huzayfah (Mufti Abdur Rahman’s wife)

Price: £6999 (4 in hotel room), £7999 (3 in hotel room), £8999 (2 in hotel room)

Sara International fulfilled all promises made to us for Hajj. We were very pleased with all services. I highly recommend this company and have recommended them to family/friends. We plan to use them again in the future, insha’Allah.
— Fareen Malik, Hajj

What’s in the package?

  • Hajj according to the Sunnah

  • Dates: August 5-18

  • Roundtrip airfare

  • Makkah Hotel: Hyatt Regency Makkah (5 stars)

  • Madinah Hotel: Coral Al-Madinah (5 stars)

  • Breakfast & Dinner included in Hotel

  • Hajj visa services included

  • Upgraded tents in North American Mina

  • Non-Shifting package

    • No Aziziyah building during the journey!

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided during the days of Hajj

  • Dedicated office staff to cater to all pre-Hajj questions and procedures

  • Dedicated Hajj coordinator and scholar (Shaykh) for guidance throughout the Hajj

  • Ground staff of locals assisting you throughout the trip

  • Over 5 Hajj seminars online/in-person, PDFs and a personalized guidebook

  • Ihram (for men) and pilgrim’s Hijab (for sisters)

  • Prayer rug, Backpack, shoe bag, pebble bag and Ihram belt, Personalized ID badges

The finer details

Also included in this package price:

  • Hajj fee to Saudi Government

  • Saudi VAT and Municipality Fees

Not included in the package price:

  • Zabiha (Qurbani)

  • Domestic flights to international gateways

  • Document mailing costs

Price: £6999 (4 in hotel room), £7999 (3 in hotel room), £8999 (2 in hotel room)